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Boating Canoeing
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  • Campfire
  • Cross Over
  • Courts of Honor
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  • Citizenship
    Community Service
  • Dutch Oven
  • Utensilless Cooking

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  • Stoves

  • Emergency Preparedness
    First Aid

    Program Specialties

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    A top of page
      Ankle Tag
      Antelope Race
      Ante Over
      Arm Sling Relay
      Art Gallery

    B top of page
      Backpack Cover
      Balloon Battle Royal
      Balloon Busting
      Ball Over
      Ball Relay
      Bandage Relay
      Beginners' Water Games
      Bell Tag
      Blackout Fun
      Blind Flying Relay
      Blindfold Compass Walk
      Blindman's Knots
      Bowline-Sheet Bend Draw
      Bow-Saw Relay
      British Bulldog
      Bucket ball
      Bucket Brigade
      Bucking Bronco
      Buddy Bandaging
      Buddy Tags
      Bull in the Ring

    C top of page
      Campfire Games
      Camp Water Heater
      Can It (Object Relay)
      Cannibal Rescue
      Canoeing Races
      Catch Ten
      Catch the Snapper
      Caterpillar Race
      Center miss
      Chain Gang
      Chain-Gang Race
      Checkerboard Kim's Game
      Choppers' Relay (Splitting)
      Circle Link
      Circle Pull
      Clove Hitch Race
      Collecting Rainwater
      Commando Raid
      Compass Facing
      Cooking Gimmick Creativity
      Corrugated Cardboard Box Oven
      Crab Ball
      Crab Crawl Relay
      Crack the DEW Line
      Crosses in the Circle
      Crossing the Alligator Pit
      Crowded Circle
      Crows and Cranes

    D top of page
      Dead Man
      Deer Stalking
      Direction-Finding Relay
      Direction Hunt
      Dodge Bail
      Double Dodge Ball 
      Douse It!
      Duck Waddle Pushups

    E top of page
      Edible Plants Who's Who?

    F top of page
      Famous Visitors
      Fire Bucket Relay
      Fire by Friction
      First Aid Baseball
      First Aid Kim's Game
      First Aid Problems 1
      First Aid Problems 2
      First Aid Problems 3
      First Aid Problems 4
      Fisherman's Line, The
      Fish Scope
      Fitness Medley Relay
      Flag Folding Display
      Flagpole Raising
      Flapjack Flipping
      Flying Fish
      Flying Saucer Kim's Game
      Freak Plant Hunt
      Fun Field Day
      Fun Relays
      Fuzz Stick Relay

    G top of page
      Get 'im Up!
      Get the Message
      Getting Your Bearings
      Grand Prix Game
      Granny's Footsteps
      Grasshopper Race
      Greased Watermelon
      Grocer, The
      Group Events

    H top of page
      Haunted House
      Hawaiian Handclap
      Hit the Bucket
      Hockey Steal-the-Bacon
      Hopping the Gauntlet
      Horse and Rider
      Horseback Relay
      Hot Isotope Transport
      Hot or Cold
      How High?
      Human Chain Race
      Human Obstacle Race
      Hunter, Gun, or Rabbit
      Hunt the Candy

    I top of page
      Ice Accident
      Indian Arm Wrestling
      Indian Hand Wrestling
      Indian Leg Wrestling
      Invisible Kim's Game
      Island Hopping
      I Spy
      Izzy Dizzy Relay

    J top of page
      Jump the Shot

    K top of page
      Kick Bridge
      Kim's Game
      Kitchen Tree
      Knot Hoop Relay
      Knots for Camp (whipping rope end before tying)  
      Knots for Camp (knots for joining and making loop)
      Knot Trail (Knot Kim's Game)
      Knot-Tying Relay

    L top of page
      Ladder Relay
      Lassoing the Steer
      Leaf Matching
      Leaking Packsack, The
      Lifeline Relay
      Log-Chopping Relay
      Log-Raising Relay
      Log-Rolling Relay
      Log-Walking Race
      Long, Short, Round
      Long-Legged Puddle Jumper
      Lost Quiz
      Luck Relay

    M top of page
      Map Symbol Kim's Game
      Map Symbol Relay
      Mixed Relay
      Morse Dial Spinner
      Morse Sit Down
      Mow the Man Down
      Muscle Medley

    N top of page
      Nail-Driving Relay
      Name That Fish
      Name the Merit Badge
      Nature An Gallery
      Nature Go-Down
      Nature Kim's Game
      Nature Memory Hunt
      Nature Scavenger Hunt
      Nature Sensing
      Nature Snap
      Newspaper Crumpling
      Newspaper Good Turn
      Night Eyes

    O top of page
      Obstacle Race
      Obstacle Relay Race
      Octagon Compass Course
      O' Grady
      Old Plug
      One-Handed Knot Tying
      Outdoor Winter Games
      Over and Under Relay
      Over the Line

    P top of page
      Pace Test
      Packing Practice Relay
      Patrol Charades
      Personal First Aid Kit
      Pizza Goes Camping
      Pony Express Race
      Porpoise Relay
      Prisoner's Base

    R top of page
      Rainy Day Activities
      Reactor Transporter
      Read It, Do It!
      Remote Clove Hitch Tying
      Rescue Carry Relay
      Rescue Race
      Riders and Horses
      Ring Ball
      Ring Buoy Throw
      Ring on a String
      Roman Chariot Race
      Rooster Fight
      Rubber Ball Relay

    S top of page
      Scouting History
      Scout Law Baseball
      Scout Law Hunt
      Scout Law Relay
      Sealed Orders
      Secret Signals
      Shallow Water Games
      Ships in the Fog
      Shoe Hunt
      Shoot the Gap
      Short Splice Tug-of-War
      Shuttle Run Relay
      Sieve, The
      Sighting Arrows
      Signal Steal-the-Bacon
      Signal Step Contest
      Silent Signals
      Silver Dollar Hunt
      Simple Compasses
      Skin-Diving Contest
      Skin the Snake
      Slap Jack
      Sleeping Pirate
      Sloppy Camp
      Snake Race
      Soap Leaves
      Spies in the Woods
      Split the Match Relay
      Spoon Race
      Sports True-False  Steal-the-Bacon
      Square Knot Two-Man Tying
      Standing Jump Relay
      Standing Staves
      Star Hunt
      Steal-the-Bacon, Hockey
      Steal-the-Bacon, Signal
      Steal-the-Bacon, Sports True-False
      Step on It
      Stick Fight
      Stretcher Relay
      String-Burning Race
      Struggle, The
      Submarines and Minefields
      Suitcase Race
      Surprise Visitor
      Swat 'em or Whipped to the Gap
      Swimming Races

    T top of page
     Take the Mat
     Taut line Hitch Race
     Tenderfoot Relay
     Tent Peg-Making Relay
     Tent-Pitching Contest
     Tent-Striking Contest
     Three-Can Stove
     Three-Legged Football
     Three-Man Tug-of-War
     Three Ropes Game
     Tiger in a Cage
     Tire-Roll Relay
     Toggle Line
     Tractor Pull
     Trail Signs
     Train Chase
     Tree Hunt
     Tree Spotting
     Tripod Lashing
     Troop Buddy Board
     Tug-of-War, Canoe
     Tug-of-War, Short Splice
     Tug-of-War, Steal-the-Bacon
     Twig Hunt
     Two-in-One Match
     Two-Man Carry Relay
     Two-man tying (square knot)

    W top of page
     Walking Statues
     Water Basketball
     Water-Boiling Race
     Water Dodge Ball
     Water Games for Non swimmers
     Waterproof Match Containers
     Wet-Weather Fire Building
     Wet Weather Fire Starters
     What Do I Feel?
     What Do I Smell?
     What Happened?
     What's Cooking?
     What's Wrong?
     Wheelbarrow Relay
     Whip the Rope
     Who Am I?
     Winter Constellations Quiz
     Winter Nest Hunt

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    High Adventure
    Outdoor Program
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    Program Specialties
    Public Service
    Scoutmaster Minutes
    Space Exploration
    Troop Program Features
    Wilderness Survival
    Wildlife Management
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