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    The Milepost

    Cubmaster, Webelos den chief, grad• uating Webelos Scout and his parents, Scoutmaster, and two Scout aides.

    Troop neckerchief for graduate.

    Cubmaster (addressing audience): Cub Scouting is the younger boy part of the great Scouting move• ment. In the final months of his Cub Scouting experience, a boy learns the requirements for the Scout badge. He decides what troop he will join and with his parents arranges for his entrance into Scouting on his 11th birthday. Tonight our pack has the privilege of bringing another Webelos Scout to this significant milepost. (Addressing den chief.) Den
    Chief _______________________(name), will you
    escort Webelos Scout _____________________(name)
    and his parents forward? (Cubmaster greets them)
    Webelos Scout (name) has chosen Troop ___________(number). Mr. ___________________ (name), is here. We will ask him to come forward with his aides. (Cubmaster introduces Scoutmaster and his aides to Webelos Scout, his parents, and audience.)
    Cub master: We are now going to relive the Cub Scout experiences of our boys who are ready to cross over the bridge into Boy Scouting. You started your Cub Scout careers as Bobcats. You were at least 8 years of age, or had completed the second grade. You had to learn the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, the handshake, and the salute. So you started your journey on the Bobcat trail. You looked ahead and saw that the trail went through a comparatively level "Wolf Valley." (Boys and parents move to Wolf Valley sign, led by Cubmaster.)

    Cubmaster: As you went through "Wolf Valley" you worked on your physical and mental skills until you had passed 12 achievements. You passed these achievements with your parents or at your den meetings. You were growing; you mastered "Wolf Valley." Raise your heads and look where the trail leads now-up and up. Your next goal was "Bear Mountain." (Boys and parents are conducted by Cubmaster to Bear Mountain.)

    Cubmaster: As you progressed up the trail toward Bear Mountain, you found the achievements a little more difficult because you were growing both physically and mentally and more was expected of you. You passed your 12 required achievements and were encouraged to work on electives, both Wolf and Bear. A year passed and you reached the top of Bear Mountain, and could now see ahead of you the Lodge of the Webelos. Your guides on the trail now changed and fathers became the leaders who worked with you. (Boys andparents are conducted to 'Webelos Lodge" or council fire.)

    Cubmaster: You were a member of the Webelos den. Now it was strictly between you and your leaders whether you wanted to work for the Arrow of Light Award or just wanted to be a member. You remained a Webelos Scout until you reached the age of 11, when you became eligible to join a Boy Scout troop. You've worked hard in the Webelos den and are now ready to take your next step on the
    scouting trail by crossing over the bridge to further adventure.
    (The Cub master calls each Webelos Scout and his parents forward to the foot of the bridge. The mother is presented with the achievement board. Enumerate the awards and achievements and then conduct the Webelos Scout and his parents across the bridge-one boy at a time. The Scoutmaster should be prepared to make a welcoming speech to the boys and their parents, plus other recognition as desired)

    (name), it is a privilege to welcome you into Troop ___________ (number). As a Scout you will
    hike and camp. You will learn many useful things. You will have an opportunity to continue to grow into a useful citizen because you will participate in civic activities and learn the thrill of helping other people by practicing the habit of doing a Good Turn every day. And now Scouts ___________
    (name) and _________________(name) will
    exchange your Webelos Scout neckerchief for our troop neckerchief, symbolic of graduation into Scouting. (Aides replace the Webelos Scout neckerchiefwith a Scout neckerchiet give the Scout handclasp, step back, and salute. The Webelos den chief leads the pack in a yell for the graduate.)
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    Physical Fitness
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    Public Service
    Scoutmaster Minutes
    Space Exploration
    Troop Program Features
    Wilderness Survival
    Wildlife Management
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