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    Cub Scout-Family Graduation

    The graduation ceremony can be held indoors or outdoors, in uniform or in Indian costume.

    Personnel. Webelos den leader, graduating Webelos Scout and his parents, Scoutmaster, patrol leader, five Cub Scouts to hold signs, den leaders, pack committee members.
    Equipment. Display signs of all Cub Scout ranks, Scout neckerchief, and a slide.

    Arrangement. All Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, den leaders, and committee members line up in two columns. Small signs or posters bearing the five Cub Scout ranks are held by Cub Scouts. The Webelos den leader, graduating Webelos Scouts his parents stand at one end ofthe double The Scoutmaster of the troop the graduat, ing faces them at the other end of the colurr him is a patrol leader (of the patrol the g will join, if this is known).

    When all are in their places, the Webe leader reads a review of the graduate's acc( ments during his Cub Scout years, mer awards he has received.

    Webelos Den Leader:
    Our accomplis are never made without help. And significant _______ 's (graduate's name) gro been the help he has received from his p~ thank you for the help you have given your your cooperation with his den and pack le2 course, we shall miss you as you move Scouting, but we are honored to preser ________ (number) with such standing family. All 'of us here wish you co success as you climb the Scouting trail. (T uate and his parents now pass down between the two columns, receiving gooe and goodbyes from all pack members. CUi might sing 'Por They're a Jolly Good Fami tune of "'For He's a Jolly GoodFellow." As t uate and his parents reach the end of the the Scoutmaster welcomes them.)

    Scoutmaster: You have had a delightfu ence in Cub Scouting and Webelos Scout Scouting will introduce you to new skills t to great fun-hiking and camping. Mrs _________________ (name), we hope you,
    tinue to help your son. Mr. _________________
    (name), we will look forward to your act ticipation with the other dads as they 2 in making our troop one of the best. In ~ you will be assured that your son is recei, benefits from his Scouting experience. (The graduate's patrol leader now replaces his Webel neckerchief with the neckerchief of his nl and gives him the Scout handclasp. Cli a graduation song, grand how, or othe raate closing.)
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