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    The Birth of a Flag (with props)


  • One large container (such as a box, wash pet, etc.)
  • One roll each of 1- or 2-inch red, white, and blue crepe paper
  • Eight or 10 stars or disks made of aluminum foil or similar material
  • One large spike or similar material to represem; a needle (this object must be large enough to Ie seen by the audience)
  • One piece of brightly colored yarn, attached to the "needle"
  • One troop-size flag of the United States of America
  • Five Scouts, or It available, a cub scout, a boy Scout, a Varsity Scout, and an Explorer, or any combination

    Place the container in the front center stage, with or without backdrop. Conceal the U.S. flag ithin the interior of the container. Take care to rotect the flag from soiling or desecration during his procedure. Position the five Scouts around the csontainer so that, on cue during the narration, ach may deposit his property into the container.

    At the conclusion of the narration and at the leginning of the accompanying music, the five kouts should, in unison, bend, grasp, and withlraw the U.S. flag and hold it in proper position mtil the conclusion of the music, then withdraw rom the stage with the flag. Two Scouts should lroperly fold the flag after they have withdrawn nto the wings.

    Scout No.1: First, we add the red for courage. Deposit red crepe paper into container by holdng loose end of roll, allowing roll to "'stream" into 'Ontainer. )

    Scout No.2: Next, we shall add white for purty. (Deposit white crepe paper into container by ~olding loose end ofroll, allowing roll to "'stream" nto container.)

    Scout No.3: Then, let us add some blue taken rom the sky above and the water. (Deposit blue repe paper into the container by holding loose end f roll, allowing roll to "stream" into container.)

    Scout No.4: Next we will add just a dash of stars J represent 50 united states. (Deposit stars or disks f foil into container by letting each slip out of his and one or two at a time into the container.)

    Scout No.5: Finally, we add this needle and l1read with which to finish our flag ... (Deposit Iteedle" and "'thread" into the container by slowly )wering the "'needle" followed by the "'thread" and nally dropping end of "'thread" into container.)

    All Five Scouts: (Stand at ease [military position] ntil the narration cue.) ... the fiber of brotherhood lat binds us together in a united effort. (Then, all ve Scouts bend, grasp, and withdraw the flag and old it in proper position while the national anthem : played At the conclusion of the national anthem, Le five Scouts do a half turn toward the Scout holdLg the part of the flag with the stars and withdraw 'om the stage into the wings. The Scout holding the flag position with the stars is in command and gives the order to "'right face" or "'left face" befOre giving the command to !'f'retire colors, "upon which command the Scouts march off stage in military step)

    The two Scouts responsible for holding the two ends of the flag will be responsible for the proper folding of the flag as soon as the color guard has reached the wings of the stage.

    Be sure that at least one rehearsal is held before the actual presentation at this ceremony.

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