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    Rededication of Troop Leaders

    (This rededication of the leaders of the troop can be significant for the young participants and also for the Scouts and parents watching the ceremony. This honoring of boy leaders may be done in connection with the fall roundup, during the charter presentation, as a part of parent's night, during Scouting Anniversary Week, or at any time desired This ceremony should build a stronger sense of morale and teamwork between adults, boy leaders, troop members, and parents.)

    Scoutmaster: Will the patrol leaders, assistant patrol leaders, the troop scribe, quartermaster, and librarian come forward and face the audience? (Other boy leaders may be included if desired) Will the senior patrol leader and junior assistant Scoutmasters join me and the assistant Scoutmaster? Friends, without the devotion of these (number) young men who stand before you, this troop could not perform the important work that it does. These young men are the "spark plugs" of our troop. Once each year we present their warrants to them. First we ask that the assistant patrol leaders step forward. _____________ (name), the assistant
    Scoutmaster, will present their warrants.

    Assistant Scoutmaster: The patrol is the unit of operation in a Scout troop. You Scouts have an important and necessary job. You are carrying it through in a way that makes us proud of you. I am happy to present warrants as assistant patrol
    leaders to (name), _____________
    (name), ____________
    (name), and_____________ (name). Good luck!

    Scoutmaster: As ______________(name) said,
    the patrol is the unit of operation. The Scout at the head of the patrol has a large part in making that patrol succeed. Too often we take our patrol leaders for granted. I'm particularly proud of the patrol leaders of this troop and I am happy to present their warrants to them. With the warrants go our appreciation for the great job they are doing. We have full confidence that they will continue this outstanding work. (Presents warrants with personal word to each.)

    Now we come to those leaders who work with all the patrols of our troop. They, too, have a task which takes devotion, dependability, imagination, and follow-through. On hikes, in camp, in troop
    meetings week after week, Troop ___________________________________
    (number) can always depend on them. Will the troop scribe, quartermaster, librarian, senior patrol leader, (others applicable), and junior assistant Scoutmasters come forward? I'm going to ask our assistant Scoutmaster and troop committee chairman to join me in making these presentations. (The work performed by various leaders may be commended as the warrants are presented.)

    There is a very young Scout here tonight. Perhaps a year from now-when we hold our nextjunior leaders' rededication - that new Scout will be up here in front as an assistant patrol leader. Who knows-someday he may be a senior patrol leader-even the Scoutmaster of this troop.

    Tonight, your troop leaders ask every Scout, every parent in the room, all of our members and visitors, to stand as we rededicate ourselves to the leadership of these patrols and of this troop in the months ahead. Will you stand as our senior patrol leader leads us in the words of the Scout Oath? Let us speak quietly, earnestly, and from our hearts.
    Senior Patrol Leader (leads Scout Oath): "On my honor ... "

    Scoutmaster: This concludes the rededication
    of the junior leaders of Troop (number).
    We now will proceed ... (carry on with program).

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