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    Meeting Ceremonies - Opening, Closing

    Take every opportunity to recognize participants in Scouting. Make your ceremonies more impressive by planning and using a little showmanship.

    Conservation Opening Ceremony

    Equipment. Outdoor Code on poster on wall of meeting room. Have troop artist design a poster.
    Formation. Troop in line, facing poster.
    Program. Senior patrol leader: "Scout signt Repeat after me: 'As an American, I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners, be careful with fire, be considerate in the outdoors, and be conservation-minded.' "

    Conservation Closing Ceremony

    Equipment. Outdoor Code poster, pencils.
    Program. Each Scout comes up to the poster and pledges himself by personal signature to live up to the Outdoor Code.

    Square Knot- Scout Law Opening Ceremony
    Equipment. Each Scout has a 61h-foot belt rope, each patrol has its patrol flag.

    Formation. Scouts form by patrols in circles around their patrol flags, each boy with his rope, patrol leader holding flag.
    Program. At command of senior patrol leader, "Tie bowlines around patrol flagstaff," each Scout in turn ties his rope around flagstaff and returns to his position in the circle, holding on to the free end of his rope. When all ropes are attached, the Scoutmaster says: "These ropes, joined to the patrol flags with a knot that will not slip, symbolize your patrol unity. Let us repeat together the Scout Law expressing the spirit of our patrols. Scout signt A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful ... "

    Carry the theme of the troop meeting's opening ceremony over into the closing ceremony, to tie the parts of the meeting into a unit.

    Square Knot-Scout Oath Closing Ceremony Equipment. Each Scout has a 6112"foot belt rope, each patrol has its patrol flag.
    Formation. Troops form a large circle, each Scout with his rope behind him.

    Program. Senior patrol leader directs: "Tie one end of your rope to the end of the rope ofthe Scout on your right, with a square knot. Grasp the rope with your left hand; make a circle as large as the ropes permit."
    When the command is carried out, the Scoutmaster says: 'We are bound together in a circle of ropes tied by the square knot, which represents the brotherhood of Scouting. While in this circle, let us rededicate ourselves to the Scout Oath. Scout sign. On my honor, I will do ,my best ... "

    Troop Flag Ceremony

    Scouts in circle formation, troop flag in center.
    The Scouts salute and repeat after the senior patrol leader in troop's pledge, along this line: ''As a member of Troop 14, I pledge that i shall always strive to be a good member of my patrol, to take part in all troop activities, to advance in Scoutcraft, and to act as a Scout at all times."

    Scout Benediction Ceremony
    Troop in circle formation.
    Scoutmaster: "May the Great Master (all make gesture toward heavens) of all Scouts (inclusive gesture from right to left at height of shoulder) be with us 'til we meet again (right hands brought to heart and heads bowed.)"

    America Yell Ceremony
    Troop in circle formation.

    Close with America Yel "A-M-E-R-I-C-A", Scouting, Scouting, U-S-A::"-followed by Skyrocket Yell: "Sss" (the hiss of the rising rocket), "Boooom" (the bursting rocket), Ah-h-h" (the soft exclamation as rockets 'spread), (then the terrific boy-satisfying yell) "SCOUT!" "Scr-r-ratch."

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