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    Flag Ceremony

    (The Us. and troop flags are placed at the end of the room. Scoutmaster stands between flags; senior officers line up behind him. Small table with three lighted candles is set before the Us. flag. Scouts form a semicircle with an opening in the center of the line. Senior patrol leader stands inside the circle. The guide and candidate stand in the rear of the room. Lights are out.)

    Guide (knocking from outside): I have a boy with me who desires to become a Scout in Troop
    Senior Patrol Leader: Has the candidate completed his Scout requirements?

    Guide: He has.
    Senior Patrol Leader: Bring him inside our circle. (Pause) Does some member of the troop recommend this candidate?

    Boy Scout: I recommend that he be admitted to our troop.
    Guide (to Scoutmaster): Candidate ________ (name) is now ready to become a member of our Scouting family.

    Scoutmaster: You may proceed with the installation.

    Guide: The flag of the United States stands before you, made visible by the light of the three candles representing the three parts of the Scout Oath. In taking the Scout Oath and making it a part of yourself, you will have a clearly lighted path that leads to good citizenship. Please grasp the flag staff in your left hand, raise your right hand in the Scout sign, and repeat the Scout Oath.
    Candidate (give' Scout Oath): On my honor ...

    Guide (to Scoutmaster): Sir, Candidate ________ (name) is now ready to be invested as a Boy Scout of Troop ____________ Scoutmaster (to candidate): Please face the audience. (Scoutmaster presents card and insignia, asks candidate's parent to present the badge, and says a few appropriate words). (To senior patrol leader): Senior patrol leader, I now turn over Boy_______________
    Scout (name) of the _______________ Patrol to you as a member of the troop.

    Senior Patrol Leader: Patrol Leader __________________ (name) of the ________
    Patrol will receive you as a member of his patrol. (Patrol leader receives new Boy Scout, presents him with patrol emblem, and closes circle with new Scout in his patrol. Lights are turned on. Patrol members welcome him.)

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    Outdoor Program
    Physical Fitness
    Program Specialties
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    Space Exploration
    Troop Program Features
    Wilderness Survival
    Wildlife Management
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