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    First Class Rank
    Ceremony 2

    The U.S. and the troop flags are posted on either side of a table, which is covered with dark cloth or bunting. On the center of the table rests the Bible. A first aid kit, compass, and ax are placed around it. Have a large First Class badge of painted plywood or heavy cardboard hung on the wall behind the table. The troop chaplain, chairman of the troop committee, Scoutmaster, senior patrol leader, and three Scouts are seated behind the table. The troop member are seated at any convenient place. Senior patrol leader calls names of Scouts to be honored. They proceed front and center, turn, and face the audience.

    Senior Patrol Leader (coming forward): Scouts
    of Troop , we are gathered here to honor you in your achievement of First Class rank.

    Scoutmaster: The Scoutmaster's greatest reward is seeing young men advance through the ranks of Scouting and grow into stout-hearted, clean thinking men. I have been privileged to work with you as you have traveled this trail to First Class. I am proud of each one of you. Look with me at our troop flag. Let me remind you again of the significance of its colors: red for bravery, white for purity, green for the adventure of the great outdoors, and gold for the sunny warmth of the Scouting spirit. As you continue along life's trail, remember the significance of these colors and the part that Scouting has played to prepare you for good active citizenship. (Senior patrol leader presents the three Scouts who, in turn, take from the table one of the symbols and come forward..)

    First Scout: When you and I because scouts we
    gave the Scout sign (gives sign) and took the Scout Oath or Promise...."On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times ... "- this is what we mean by Scouting spirit. The first aid kit I hold in my hands is a reminder that as a First Class Scout you must "Be Prepared" to serve others at all times.

    Second Scout: I hold in my hand a compass. It has helped you find your way on hikes and in camp. It is symbolic of Scout participation in the activities of your patrol and our troop. Scouting is a compass, too. It will help you find your way along the trail of life.
    Third Scout: I hold an ax. It is the tool that helped our forefathers build America. It stands for Scoutcraft skills, which you learned in achieving First Class rank. It also represents physical fitness. May you always use your strength and skills to better serve God, your country, and others.
    (Scoutmaster presents each Scout with a First Class citation, including a certificate.)

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