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    Courts of Honor

    Points to Consider

    1. Conduct courts of honor frequently-once every 2 to 3 months. Do not make a Scout wait 4 months to receive his award.
    2. Planning is the key to successful courts of honor. Write out your plan, then rehearse key members' parts.
    3. Refer to and use the checklist provided in the appendix of this section.
    4. Be prepared - have an agenda or program for the boys and the adults who will be making the award presentations. Rehearse as needed, in the actual setting. If scripts are required, make sure they are given out well in advance of the court.

    Sample Agenda

    The agenda provided here should be used as a guide. Variety is one key to success for courts of honor. Develop your own ideas and don't forget to get the boys' opinions as well as consulting parents.

  • Scouts enter carrying troop and patrol flags.
  • Court of honor members enter.
  • Color guard enters carrying colors. Scouts and audience stand at attention.
  • Parents and audience join Scouts in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Use an appropriate opening ceremony.
  • Chairman convenes court of honor.
  • Court chairman calls on members of the court to make award presentations.
  • Have special program features-Scout demonstrations, brief address, or singing.
  • Retire colors.
  • Close. Court of honor may close with the troop's regular closing ceremony.

  • The outline that follows is for a large court with all awards represented. Few troops will have this many to present at one time.
  • Opening flag ceremony by a color guard or by the entire troop.
  • Welcome by senior patrol leader. Introduction of Scoutmaster and troop committee chairman, etc.
  • Brief announcement by troop committee chairman, if necessary. (Adult recognitions are made at this time.)
  • Introduction of the opening patrol by the senior patrol leader.
  • Opening by patrol.
  • New Scout induction ceremony, if needed-this would include Scout Oath and Law with candle-lighting. (If no induction, have Scout Oath and Law ceremony at this time, with entire troop participating.)
  • Present Tenderfoot awards, with parents participating.
  • Present Second Class awards, with parents participating.
  • Present First Class awards, with parents participating.
  • Present merit badges. If there are only a few, present them individually; if there are many, present them by patrols. Always have the boys come on stage or up front and announce individual names and badges earned.
  • Present Star awards, with parents participating.
  • Present Life awards, with parents participating.
  • Present special awards such as 50-Miler Awards; Mile Swim, BSA; BSA Lifeguard; service stars; attendance pins, etc.
  • Present Eagle Palms, with parents participating.
  • Scoutmaster's Minute (no more than a minute).
  • Closing by patrol.
  • Refreshments and fellowship.
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