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    Closing Ceremonies

    1. Close the meeting with troop singing "Taps," unaccompanied or led by a muffled bugle, the lights dimmed (or use two bugles, one giving the call, the other the echo effect). Each boy slowly raises his outstretched hands in front of him during the first two lines (to" ... from the sky ... "), then lowers them as the song is being sung.

    2. Troop formation. Scout benediction: "May the Great Master" (all make gesture toward havens) "of all Scouts" (inclusive gesture from the right to left at height of shoulder) "be with us until we meet again" (right hand brought to hearts and heads bowed).

    3. Form a circle. Have each boy make the Scout
    sign and with the left hand grasp the lifted
    right wrist of his left neighbor. Recite the
    Scout Law or troop pledge.

    4. Finish all America yell ("A-M-E-R-I-C-A, Boy
    SCOUTS, BOY Scouts, B-S-A"), followed by a
    Skyrocket ("Ssss," the hiss of the rising rocket;
    "Boom," the bursting; and the soft exclamation
    as it spreads, "Ah-h," and the terrific boy-
    satisfying yell, "Scout").

    5. Retire flag with proper camp ceremony using
    bugle. If no bugle, whistle "To the Colors"
    and "Retreat."

    6. One round of patrol calls, troop yell. Scoutmaster-
    says, "Good night to you." Scouts respond,
    "Good night to you, sir."

    7. Form brotherhood circle, arms around each
    other's shoulders. Song leader leads troop in
    "Scout Vespers" song, or similar goodnight
    song. When the song is ended, Scouts leave the
    room in silence.

    8. Form circle. Each Scout crosses arms in front
    of him, grasps his neighbors' hands. Sing "Auld
    Lang Syne," swaying bodies softly in rhythm.

    9. Troop in line. The Scoutmaster says, "Be Pre-
    pared." All Scouts respond in unison, "We
    are prepared!"

    10. Have all make the Scout sign and repeat
    together the Scout Oath or Promise.

    11. Have all Scouts hum "Taps" while one boy says
    the Scout Oath or Promise.

    12. Bugler plays "Taps" while one Scout says the
    Scout Oath or Promise, stating each phrase
    after bugler plays a phrase from "Taps."

    13. While the Scouts sing "God Bless America,"
    the appointed leader recites slowly and clearly
    the Scout Oath, as outlined as below. This
    may be used either for an opening or a closeing

    Leader: On my honor I will do my best ...

    Scouts (hum): God Bless America, land that
    I love ... Leader: 'Ib do my duty to God and my country ...

    Scouts (hum): Through the night with the light from above ...

    To help other people at all times ...
    Scouts (hum): From the mountains ...

    Leader: To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

    Scouts (hum): To the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, ...

    All: God Bless America, my home sweet home, God bless America, my home sweet home!

    14. If a flag ceremony was used in the opening, it is appropriate to retire the flag as a closing ceremony. Scouts could whistle the bugle call "'To the Colors" as the flag is retired.

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