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    Circle Formation

    (Senior patrol leader takes the candidate into an anteroom and blindfolds him The US. and troop flags are placed in the center of the meeting room. The troop falls in, facing out, with their backs to the flags and their hands joined The troop leaders are inside the circle.)

    Scoutmaster: Be prepared!

    Scouts (in chorus): We are prepared!
    (This is the signal for the senior patrol leader to lead the candidate in, halting him outside the circle, opposite the Scoutmaster.)

    Scoutmaster: Senior Patrol Leader, who is with you?
    Senior Patrol Leader: He is Candidate _________ (name), who wishes to join our troop and become a Scout. He has met the requirements and is duly qualified.

    Scoutmaster: Remove his blindfold. (To candidate): Candidate, you come from the darkness into the light of Scouting, and you see before you the
    Scouts of Troop in an unbroken
    circle of comradeship, guarding the flags of their country and their troop. How will you, an outsider, secure a place in this circle?

    Patrol Leader (of the patrol the candidate is joining, from his position in the circle): Sir, the _________ Patrol will open the circle and
    admit the candidate.

    Good. In doing so, remember, you vouch for him. (Senior patrol leader conducts the candidate to the opening the patrol leader has made by dropping his hand and leads him into the center of the circle in front of the Scoutmaster.)
    Scoutmaster (to troop): Unclasp hands, about face! (Circle now faces in.) (To candidate:) You have been admitted to our troop circle to be made a member of the greatest boys' movement in the world. Place your left hand on the flag of your troop and raise your right hand in the Scout sign. (Color bearer inclines troop flag toward candidate.) Dedicate yourself through giving the Scout Oath. (Candidate recites the Scout Oath, then drops his hand.)

    Scoutmaster: Now, where will I get a badge for this candidate?
    Boy Scout (previously designated, steps forward, salutes, and says): Sir, I offer my Scout badge for this candidate. (This Scout may be a personal friend of the candidate or some Scout whom the candidate respects. If possible, he should be a Second Class or First Class Scout actually passing on his own Boy Scout badge. Candidate should face the• audience. Scoutmaster nods to the donor who steps to the candidate and pins the badge on him.)
    Scoutmaster: Candidate, you have been given a badge that has been worn with honor and distinction by a Scout who has gone before you. This shows our friendship for you and the trust we place in you. By the authority vested in me by the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, I declare you a Boy Scout. "

    Scoutmaster: Fall out. (The Scouts shake hands with the new Boy Scout. His patrol leader then walks with the new Scout until they reach his place in the patrol.)

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    Troop Program Features
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