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    General Tips for Good Ceremonies

    A few props and techniques can spice up any ceremony. These can range from the simple to the elaborate, depending on need and budget. A few ideas have been included in this guide, but use your imagination to develop your own.

    Lighting is important to most ceremonies. Techniques range from performing a ceremony behind the campfire so the fire illuminates the participants to spotlighting recipients in a court of honor.

  • Room Lights. Check out and be sure you know what to switch on and off, and when. Know and plan the effects.
  • Stage Lighting. Floodlighting can be accomplished using anything from yard reflector lights to desk lamps. Regular table lamps can be used simply by shielding the audience by using cardboard, etc.
  • Spotlighting. Spotlighting should be used any time a boy is recognized before an audience, such as a court of honor, etc.
    A flashlight may be used as a spotlight. A 35mm slide projector can be an effective spotlight. Try it first to be sure of the distances. Masks in front of the lens will reduce the size of the spot.

    A few decorations can transform a room into a special place for appropriate ceremonies.
  • Stand-by crepe paper
  • Boy Scout neckerchiefs
  • Posters-Boy Scout and other
  • Colored lights
  • Scout skill displays, merit badge displays, knot boards, etc.

    Many commercial and BSA movies and slide programs are available and appropriate for more formal ceremonies. Good sound equipment (tape or record) and carefully selected music will enhance a court of honor or other special ceremony.

    Special Props
    Specially designed and developed props become tradition and add special flair to ceremonies.
  • Advancement boards. Develop your own.
    Arrange by rank or patrol. Have names on individual cards punched for hanging when advanced.
  • Eagle plaque. Impressive plaque with troop number and etched eagle emblem. Engrave new Eagle Scout's name and add it to the plaque at the Eagle court of honor.
  • Candle log. Log(s) with holes drilled for candles. Many designs and uses for Scout Law, Oath, and ranks.
  • Artificial campfires. Made with electric light bulbs or flashlights, logs, and redJorange plastic. Be sure not to make a fire hazard.
  • Badge holder. Have some device to hold your advancement badges, pins, and cards. This could be a felt-covered tray or a Boy Scout emblem covered with cork, etc. Divide all items by boy's name and be sure the presenter knows how to get them off.

    The use of troop, church, state, and U.S. flags is appropriate in ceremonies. Be certain you display and carry flags correctly. A spotlight on the flag(s) is a nice highlight.

    Troop Scrapbook
    Display your scrapbook at special ceremonies.

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