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This is for the soon to be eagle scout.
This is a help page for your projects and ceremonys.

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Find an Eagle Project
You can call these places to ask if they have one.
Local schools Church's
Red CrossFire Departments
Rest HomesRetirement Places
Parks & Recreation of Moore County

Eagle Ceremonys

More info about this go here eaglescout.org

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Famous Eagle Scouts
Willie Banks
Olympian, Former World Record Holder,Triple Jump and Long Jump
John Koncak
Center, Orlando Magic, National Basketball Association
Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr.
Former Secretary of the Treasury and Former United States Senator, Texas The Honorable
James A. Lovell Jr.
Apollo Astronaut and Business Executive The Honorable
*William S. Sessions
former FBI director ;
*J.J. Pickle
former United States congressman
*Milton A. Caniff
J. Willard Marriott Jr.
Chairman of the Board and President, Marriott Corporation The Honorable
William C. DeVries, M.D.
Surgeon and Educator Transplanted first artificial heart
*Donald F. Wright,
senior vice president of the Times Mirror Co.;
Thomas Foley
Former Speaker of the House and Former United States Congressman, Washington The Honorable
*H. Ross Perot
Founder, Electronic Data Systems Corporation and The Perot Group
Gerald R. Ford
38th President of the United States
Harris Salsbury Pulitzer
Prize-Winning Author
Michael Kahn
Stage Director, Academy Award-Winning Film Editor
*Steven Spielberg
Film Director and Producer
*Neil Armstrong
astronaut First person moon
Togo West
Secretary of the Army
*Ozzie Nelson
late actor
*Donald H. Rumsfeld
former United States secretary of defense
*William C. Westmoreland
retired general

*Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr
retired admiral
*Lamar Alexander
former secretary of education
*Steve Fossett
circumnavigate the earth alone
Sets Solo Ballooning Record July 2, 2002
Astronauts' Scouting Records and Hometowns
ADAMSON, James C.**
Eagle Scout
STS-28 and STS-43
Warsaw, New York
JOHNSON, Gregory H.
Eagle Scout
Upper Riuslip, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Eagle Scout
Gemini 8 and Apollo 11
Wapakoneta, Ohio
JONES, Thomas D.
Eagle Scout
STS-59, STS-68, and
Baltimore, Maryland
BAGIAN, James P.**
Eagle Scout
STS-29 and STS-40
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
LEE, Mark C.
Eagle Scout
STS-30, STS-47, STS-64, and STS-82
Viroqua, Wisconsin
BOWERSOX, Kenneth D.
Eagle Scout
STS-50, STS-61, STS-73, and STS-82
Portsmouth, Virginia
LIND, Don L.**
Eagle Scout
STS 51-B
Midvale, Utah
BRADY, Charles E.
Eagle Scout
Pinehurst, North Carolina
LINDSEY, Steven W.
Eagle Scout
STS-87 and STS-95
Temple City, California
CARR, Gerald P.**
Eagle Scout
Skylab 4
Denver, Colorado
King's Scout (equivalent to Eagle Scout)
Cardiff, Wales
CARTER, Manley Lanier "Sonny" Jr.*
Eagle Scout
Macon, Georgia
LOVELL, James A. Jr.**
Eagle Scout
Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, and Apollo 13
Cleveland, Ohio
CHAFFEE, Roger B.*
Eagle Scout
Grand Rapids, Michigan
McCOOL, William C.*
Eagle Scout
San Diego, California
CHAMITOFF, Gregory Errol
Eagle Scout
San Jose, California
O'LEARY, Brian T.**
Eagle Scout
Boston, Massachusetts
COVEY, Richard O.**
Eagle Scout
STS 51-I, STS-26,
STS-38, and STS-61
Fayetteville, Arkansas
ONIZUKA, Ellison S.*
Eagle Scout
STS 51-C and STS 51-L
Kealakekua, Hawaii
Eagle Scout
STS 51-G, STS-36, and STS-48
Orange, Texas
OSWALD, Stephen S.**
Eagle Scout
STS-42, STS-56, and STS-67
Seattle, Washington
EISELE, Donn F.*
Eagle Scout
Apollo 7
Columbus, Ohio
Eagle Scout
STS-66 and STS-95
Little Rock, Arkansas
Eagle Scout
El Paso, Texas
PETTIT, Donald R.
Eagle Scout
Silverton, Oregon
FOSSUM, Michael E.
Eagle Scout
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
REIGHTLER, Kenneth S. Jr.**
Eagle Scout
STS-48 and STS-60
Patuxent River, Maryland
FULLERTON, Charles G.**
Eagle Scout
Space shuttle approach and landing tests 1, 3, and 5; STS-3 and STS 51-F
Rochester, New York
SEARFOSS, Richard A.**
Eagle Scout
STS-58, STS-76, and
Mount Clemons, Michigan
GREGORY, William G.**
Eagle Scout
Lockport, New York
SEE, Elliot M. Jr.*
Eagle Scout
Dallas, Texas
HOFFMAN, Jeffrey A.**
Eagle Scout
STS 51-D, STS-35, STS-46, STS-61, and STS-75
Brooklyn, New York
TANNER, Joseph R.
Eagle Scout
STS-66 and STS-82
Danville, Illinois
  TRULY, Richard H.**
Eagle Scout
Space shuttle approach and landing tests 2 and 4, STS-2, and STS-8
Fayette, Mississippi
  WALKER, David M.**
Eagle Scout
STS 51-A, STS-30, STS-53, and STS-69
Columbus, Georgia
* Deceased
** Retired or no longer on active astronaut list
Jeff Bingaman
United States Senator
New Mexico
Thad Cochran
United States Senator
Michael Crapo
United States Senator
Michael B. Enzi
United States Senator
*Richard G. Lugar
United States Senator
Ben Nelson
United States Senator
Jeff Sessions
United States Senator
Gordon Smith
United States Senator
Sam Nunn
United States Senator
Bill Bradley
United States Senator
New Jersey
Gary L. Ackerman
New York
Sanford Bishop
Richard A. Gephardt
J.D. Hayworth
Michael McNulty
New York
Rob Portmann
John P. Murtha
Dana Rohrabacher
Pete Sessions
Ike Skelton,
Bart Stupak
Christopher H. Smith
New Jersey
Pat Toomey

*Note: Distinguished Eagle Scout award
Created in 1969, the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award is the only distinguished service recognition that depends on one's association with Scouting as a youth. The recipient must have attained the Eagle Scout rank a minimum of 25 years before his nomination, and over those years he must have rendered outstanding service to others

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