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  • Local Weather Weather all over the world
    WRAL Weather Center North Carolinas weather satellite views, Doppler radar images, forecasts, audio (better if you have cable or dsl)
    NOAA Weather Radio nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information 24 hours a day National and local weather
    NOAA Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services The Office of Services oversees delivery of NWS hydro meteorological and climate services and designs and implements new products and services
    Severe Weather top page
    Hurricane information  
    Hurricane Track Hurricane tracking information
    National Hurricane Center National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center
    Severe Weather forecasts for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes over the contiguous U.S. from the NOAA Storm Prediction Center
    Preparedness and Weather Safety What you need in preparedness for bad weather and more
    Recreation Weather top page
    Skiing Weather List of the skiing weather in the NC, GA , WV, TN. Great site to look at.
    Beach's and boating weather Beach and boating for all the states
    Information about top page
    Weather Wise Magazine Any think you ever what to know about weather and then some
    Weather Merit Badge This in formation is off the NOAA site. If you are working on the Merit Badge great place to start!
    National Weather top page This is the weather channel site online
    Space Weather Now solar-geophysical forecasts, solar x-ray flux, latest images of the sun and today's space weather forecast from the NOAA Space Environment Center
    MARINE FORECAST Coastal NWS Forecast Offices have regionally focused marine webpage's which are overflowing with information such as coastal forecasts, predicted tides, and buoy observations
    Marine Weather forecasts for U.S. oceans and lakes, including real-time buoy observations and broadcast information from the NOAA Ocean Prediction Center.
    Weather of National High Adventure Bases
    Look at this be for you go top page
    Florida Sea Base Just the weather of the Sea base Key West, FL
    Northern Tier The weather of Northern Tier Ely, MN
    Philmont Scout Ranch The current weather just remember can chang at any time Cimarron, NM
    Live weather on your computer
    Download Free top page 6,000 Local Weather Stations -- Powered by AWS/Weather Net! Download Weather Bug to get your instant local weather forecast and information on all current weather conditions! Is a program that you install on your pc that is free and live weather on your computer (I used it my self)
    Intellicast Desktop Application Very small program give you weather download Desktop same as the rest of them PDA, cell phone, wire less weather
    Desktop Weather by The Weather Channel
    Desktop Gizmo! This will add to your desktop from
    WRAL DESKTOP WEATHER Local station in North Carolina weather
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