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 openings, closings and advancements. Advancements (great site)
    Blue and Gold Awards time for the Cub pack
    pack 215 The Banquet Committee
    Program Team
    Architects of your repast.
    Ceremonies - Blue and Gold
    Games - Blue and Gold
    Skits - Blue and Gold
    Decorations Ideas
    Searching The Web For Blue and Gold
    Crossovers Webelos Scouts cross over to boy scouts
    Woods of wisdom  

    Boy Scouts
    Woods of wisdom ceremony's to campfire to flags,Webelos Scouts cross over,Eagle Court of Honor
    Count of Honor Awards night for scout give out there rank and merit badges
    woods of wisdom  

    Eagle Ceremony's
 Eagle Court of Honor plans, complete scripts (great site) flags
    woods of wisdom  

    Flag Ceremony's
    Us Flag Tell the story of the folding of the USA flag
    woods of wisdom  

    Woods of wisdom Is a full list of all the woods of wisdom ceremony's to campfire to flags all one places.
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