Moore District Occoneechee Council
Commissioner's Cup Award
2003 - 2007

All quantification rankings should be awarded points on the basis of 14 points for highest ranking in each category at year-end to 1 point for lowest rank.

Competition Areas
  1. Highest percentage membership increase over year-end membership @12/31
  2. Highest percentage Troop membership participating in Spring camporee
  3. Highest percentage Troop membership participating in Fall camporee
  4. And other district functions (freezeoree, ect..)
  5. Greatest number attaining Eagle scout rank during year
  6. Greatest percentage of previous year-end (12/31) membership attaining increase in rank during year

Field event Competition
10 points to the troop of the patrol which place first in an event

All data in items 1-5 can be verified by official records furnished to District Executive (DE) by Raleigh Council office.

Winning troop should be presented with engraved trophy at awards banquet with entire county membership present.

Note: Troops winning this awards three consecutive years get to keep trophy permanently
2003 Troop 7       2004 Troop 810         2005 Troop 223
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