Occoneechee Council Office
update 11/7/2013
The Occoneechee Council is divided into twelve districts and each district has a professional staff member to assist them with Scouting operations. This Raleigh service center can be reached at the phone numbers listed here. Upon reaching the service center, one of our office staff will direct your call to the appropriate person for you needs.

Mailing and Street Address: 3231 Atlantic Ave., Raleigh NC 27604

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Name Position Ext. Cell Phone Email
Council Office    

Phone: 919-872-4884

Phone: 800-662-7102

Fax: 919-872-1159

John Akerman Chief Executive Officer 240 None john.akerman@scouting.org
Tiffany Adams Registrar/Eagle Desk 224 919-582-0065 tiffany.adams@scouting.org
Debbie Cochran Controller 234 None debbie.cochran@scouting.org
Patrick Diener Development Director 229 919-628-6408 patrick.diener@scouting.org
Alicia Embrey Prog. Assoc. Adult Training Records 247 None alicia.embrey@scouting.org
Lauri Gillie Fundraising Assistant 238 None laureen.gillie@scouting.org
Johnny Glover Director of Support Services 233 919-812-5770 johnny.glover@scouting.org
Henry Goodson Camping/Program Director 237 910-818-9244 henry.goodson@scouting.org
Linda Grady Admin Assistant Program 226 None linda.grady@scouting.org
Dona Johnston Executive Assistant 222 None dona.johnston@scouting.org
John Phares Director Of Field Services 243 919-812-5851 john.phares@scouting.org
Mary Miller Waldorf Program Assistant 248 None mary.miller@scouting.org
Glenda Myers Financial Specialist 223 None glenda.myers@scouting.org
Barbara Ocasio Receptionist 221 None barbara.ocasio@scouting.org
Veronica Porterfield Program Associate 225 None veronica.porterfield@scouting.org
Tyler Perkinson Crosswinds District Executive 228 919-930-5265 tyler.perkinson@scouting.org
Seth Asbill Hemlock District Executive 230 919-801-5386 seth.asbill@scouting.org
Nicholas Long Moore District Executive 241 910-986-3929 nicholas.long@scouting.org
Terry McIntire Tuocs/Cape Fear Dist. Executive 235 910-824-6201 terry.mcintire@scouting.org
Desmond Miller Mawat District Executive 245 919-675-5916 desmond.miller@scouting.org
Adam VanStedum Great Northern District Executive 251 919-500-6445 adam.vanstedum@scouting.org
Greg Sanders Neuse River District Executive 227 919-618-0994 greg.sanders@scouting.org
Rodger Skirvin Field Director/Impeesa District 239 919-812-5832 rodger.skirvin@scouting.rog
Bill Walters Kia Kima District Director 242 919-818-5262 bill.walters@scouting.org
Jerry Wells Orange District Executive 228 919-619-8911 jerry.wells@scouting.org
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Have a Question? ocontact@ocscouts.org
To submit an article for Scout Sign:: scoutsignsubmit@ocscouts.org
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